Worldwide Release of "Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star" ~GREE Group's First Blockchain Game~

BLRD PTE.LTD. (Headquarters: Singapore, a 100% subsidiary of GREE, Inc., hereinafter "BLRD,") is pleased to announce the worldwide release of "Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star" on mobile and PC. This title marks the GREE Group's first blockchain game.

■ What is “Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star”?

In "Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star," players can enjoy a fishing simulation while turning their fishing rods into NFTs that can be exchanged and traded with other players. The game offers simple controls that anyone can enjoy, yet it also pursues deep strategy and a realistic fishing experience, making it enjoyable for both beginners and experienced Fishing★Star players.

 ■ Game Overview

  • Title: Crypto Catch! Fishing★Star!
  • Platforms: Mobile, PC
  • Supported Blockchain: Sui Distribution
  • Area: Worldwide
  • Publisher: BLRD PTE.LTD.
  • Developer: REALITY, Inc.

 ■ URL

  • *Please note that installing the Sui wallet is required to play the game.

 ■ About BLRD

Established on July 1, 2022, with the aim of promoting Web3 business. Leveraging the experience gained within the GREE Group, BLRD drives validator node operations and blockchain game development.
For press inquiries, please contact:
  • Public Relations, BLRD PTE. LTD.
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